"I Have Been Having Sex With My Wife's Married Friend, Now This Is Happening"

So I will try to be as brief as possible, because story is very long. 

Started having an affair with this close friend of my wife who now happens to be my colleague in the office now... I helped her got the job before we started having se. X. I have been her target, Infact that was why she came so close to my wife, I'm introverted, so that was the only way she could get close. 

Yes she's not happy in her marriage, because her husband is promiscuous and don't give her attention . She used me to ease her pain. I consented to the affair because I kind of felt I was assisting her ease the pain in the marriage... I was totally wrong... I goofed, along the line we fell in love with each other... Deeply in love, even we knew what we were doing was wrong.

Every fuc, king persons in my neighbourhood and office feels I'm straff1ng her, but we were never caught in the act.
The more I try to resist and stop this whole affair, the more the bond, considering we work in same office space.

She wants more attention than I give to my wife her supposedly friend .. She flares up most time when I pick my wife's call... Forgetting we are close family friends and can easily be caught.
She steal kisses whenever she visits, not minding my wife is in the kitchen.
We both have kids... That are friends.


Because of the less attention she's getting from me, considering the fact that I want to play safe, she has decided to start straff1ng our boss who seems to be giving her the whole attention as it seems now.

Our boss his a nice handsome guy. 

Myself and our boss are very close Pal, he knew I'm so close to her but choose to get is own pound of the flesh... Even though he claim he wasn't... But I was privileged to hack and read their chat and got knowledge of their sexcapade...

She still wants an affair with me, she's fuc. k1ng sleeping with two married people in an office.
I found this very hurtful, shameful, disgraceful and disgusting... Even though what I'm also doing is terrible...
I'm trying to heal and stop this whole affair... I took some days off work to clear my head already. 

I'm deeply hurt by her actions, blocked her on all social media handles. 

I need matured advice please on how to scale through all this without going back to my vomit looking that we work in same office space and I got to see her every other day. 

This story is no fiction... Pls bash me, but don't forget to drop a word of advice for me and probably her. 

I'm using a new moniker... I have been an active nairalander... I want to hide my shame.. kindly also ignore my typo... It was done on my phone. 

Thank you.
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